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NPI Targeting

On average around 4% of the visitors to consumer health sites are in fact authenticated healthcare professionals. HCPs visit consumer health sites for all sorts of reasons. Many consumer health sites offer content, tools, and special sections specifically for HCPs. Doctors, nurses, and other HCPs also visit consumer health sites to look up medical terms and to grab article links to share with patients and staff.

HCPs are a highly sought after and extremely valuable audience. As part of our evolution here at Tap Native, we’ve added an HCP targeting layer to our regular consumer ad stack. This means that while most users will see ads catering to a consumer audience, when we do recognize an authenticated HCP and have an ad targeting their NPI number, we’ll serve that user a set of HCP targeted ads instead. This process happens at the impression level for every single page viewed.

HCP targeted ads are intended for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, or other authenticated HCPs. In America there are over 3 million HCPs with NPI numbers, and they are targeted by a wide range of advertisers. Advertisers can include medical practice management software providers, CME producers, pharma, device, and OTC companies as well as a growing number of B2B and B2C product and service companies.

Some examples of ads targeting healthcare pros

Examples of ads targeting consumers

Rates for HCP targeted ads can be 200X that of consumer advertising rates so it’s easy to understand why this segment is so very valuable, albeit a small percentage, of a consumer health property’s audience. And although HCPs may be a minority of the visits, as a percentage of total ad revenue it can often me larger.

Many sites catering to healthcare pros struggle with trying to monetize all their visitors. This is because even though a publisher may cater to an HCP audience, multitudes of chronic consumers doing their own research visit the site too. Upon doing some user measurement, many of the visitors to websites calling themselves “HCP sites” are consumers and some reach as high as 95% consumers and only 5% authenticated HCPs.

For health sites that have any mixture of both audiences, we’ve developed a turn-key solution designed to monetize both sides so maximum revenue can be achieved. The reality for many “HCP publishers” using our solution is that most of the ad revenue is now coming from consumer ads. That doesn’t mean they are failing at reaching HCPs, it means consumers love the content too. But it’s not hard to understand that consumers don’t respond well to offers for HCPs and HCPs don’t respond well to consumer health offers. So having an ad monetization solution that bifurcates offers and audiences based on who’s viewing the page is essential to revenue yield management.

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