Focused on Health

Tap Native is the leading content discovery platform focused exclusively around health, medicine and wellness. That focus enables healthcare marketers to reach an audience of consumers or HCPs while they’re consuming content.

Customizable Formats

Choose from hundreds of possible configuration combinations which bring back the true meaning of native advertising. Choose Light House optimized JavaScript tags or server to server integrations which give you total control.


Our ad stack provides health and lifestyle publishers the option to display ads for consumers or healthcare professionals (HCPs). Our ad stack monetizes both types of users by displaying the right ads to the right user at the right time based on audience and contextual targeting. Publishers may choose between fully automated or manual settings for greater control, ad relevancy, CPMs and revenue.

Superior Monetization

Your health audience is far more valuable than other verticals. Our smart tech stack makes those interactions even more valuable.

No Sales Channel Conflict

Tap Native ads don’t displace any existing display ads so the revenue is 100% accretive. In addition, Tap Native doesn’t sell branded ads, is a network buy and doesn’t sell any site individually. This model ensures we don’t cannibalize our publishers direct sales revenue.

Insightful Analytics

Understand your most valuable pages and the types of health offers your audience engages with most.

Tap Native will help elevate your digital health business.