Capture the Moment of Next

Engage healthcare providers at the moment of optimal opportunity when cognitive load
is reduced, and your audience is most receptive to your message

NPI-Level Targeting

NPI based audience targeting is available to reach specific types of physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants and more.

  • Real-time, physician-level data from opted-in visitors supports critical marketing objectives.
  • Compliant with regulatory and privacy requirements.
  • List match targeting & reporting.
  • Create custom campaigns choosing from over 800 unique HCP audience types and nearly 4M medical professionals.
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Audience Targeting

HCP List Match (by NPI)






In-Content Placements

Your message has been trapped in the right rail of the websites where you advertise. Tap Native placements are in-content so your message is impossible to ignore. Content style placements create an editorial look and feel and generate up to 20X the engagement as well as lower CPAs than typical “banner ads”.

Real Time Data and Analytics

Access to real time campaign insights and performance data. Easily optimize your campaigns based on Click-Through Rates (CTR), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), creative performance, and more. HCP level reporting available for measurement and follow up.

Campaign Forecasting


  • Contextual
  • Authenticated HCPs
  • Target List


  • Low (.05%)
  • Medium (.5%)
  • High (1%)

Budget 59,000

  • $10, 000
  • $50, 000
  • $100, 000

Your plan can get

6.1K clicks
for $2.8K
and a $1 max. CPC

  • 6.1K


  • 90K


  • $2.8K


  • 6.8%


  • $0.46

    Avg. CPC

Tap Native helps you reach your target health audience in high quality content. What are you waiting for?

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