Patients seeking to learn more about cosmetic dental procedures often end up on one of hundreds of popular health sites like,,, and others. This is why Tap Native ads appear inside or directly below those articles. Tap Native ads are native ads which are content style ads or sometimes referred to as content discovery. Content discovery is a perfect name for what happens when a prospective dental patient has finished browsing an article about teeth whitening, dental veneers or braces. Because Tap Native ads are contextual and geo targeted, cosmetic dental practices have their ads displayed to the right users at the right time. Here's an example of a Tap Native ad unit below an article about dental procedures on a popular health site.

Tap Native Ad Unit

Note the image in the ad displays what appears to be the “after” photo. This most effectively communicates the end result for any procedure a prospective customer might be contemplating. Also, in the example, the headline doesn’t mention a specific procedure but rather a spectrum of services which creates the notion that there may be many alternatives to discuss and consider with the dental professional. Offering a free consultation is always advised.

Only web visitors located within a specified radius of the dental practices’ location are shown the ad. Tap Native advertisers can designate a specific radius around their dental practice. Only readers located within the radius specified will be shown their ad(s).

Tap Native Advertisers

Between the contextual nature of the article and the user’s proximity to the practice, this can now be considered a valuable prospect. The cost per acquiring a customer for cosmetic dental procedures can vary based on the procedure sought and marketing strategy used to acquire the customer. Traditional marketing methods such as print ads and billboards can be expensive. So can social media and search engine advertising. Marketing on Tap Native has been an effective channel for thousands of health focused advertisers and many found their least expensive CPA right here. For some cosmetic dental procedures, we’ve seen CPAs in the $62 range. Of course, CPAs vary significantly by market and by procedure sought. Tap Native pricing is a cost—per-click model. CPCs for local cosmetic dentistry come in around $1.55 which is significantly less expensive than search which can average as much as $12.50 per click. Tap Native’s brand of native advertising displayed within popular health content may also be a more scalable marketing option.

Cosmetic dental procedures are a popular and profitable area of dentistry. Teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, braces, and gum contouring are some of the most common procedures offered. The revenue value of these procedures can be significant, but the cost per acquiring a customer can vary depending on the marketing strategy used. We believe our brand of in-content native ads displayed across hundreds of health websites and content can be one of, if not the single most powerful channel to acquire new customers. Creating ads is simple, you can start with as little as $500 and your ad can be live in around 10 minutes. If you need help or want a demo, just ask.