High Quality, Contextually Relevant Ads

Spending Trends

Digital health related advertising is exploding but most ad providers aren’t equipped to tap into these lucrative budgets.

Contextually Relevant

Tap Native is uniquely positioned to provide premium publishers with a monetization solution that easily delivers high quality and contextually relevant health related content and ads into health-related sites and sections. The result is a better user experience that generates far higher CPMs than typical ad widgets.

High Quality

Our tech stack provides high quality, directly sold ad fill, most of which is targeted in the US Geo. Have international traffic? No problem, we have high quality ad fill in dozens of non-US countries too.

Operate a general news or content portal?

Great! Tap Native has secured exclusive access to ad inventory across dozens of medical societies that serve healthcare pros.

Our advertisers retarget these pros across our consumer network of sites just like yours. This creates a significant CPM lift and provides more relevant ads to the healthcare professionals that visit your website.

The Tap Native ad solution elevates the quality of your health-related content for users and generates a lucrative new revenue stream for your group.

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Add a Tap Native ad unit to the content pages of your site(s). Choose to feature content, ads or both. Focus on specific therapeutic categories for consumers or medical specialties for HCPs. Our system analyzes content consumption to optimize earnings and presents actionable data to create significant opportunities with advertisers.

Popular with for profit general health sites, condition specific sites and news publishers with health-related content or sections.


Add a Tap Native unit to the content pages of your site(s). Choose to feature content, ads or both. As users consume content within your unit, Tap Native credits your account and brand-new users are introduced to your content and driven back to your site. No money changes hands, this is a pure health-related traffic exchange.

Popular with medical societies and associations for HCPs or consumers


Add a Tap Native recirculation unit to the content pages of your site(s). Our system analyzes your users and optimizes the content featured to generate maximum engagement and post click page views.

Popular with most Web publishers seeking to drive engagement.


All Tap Native solutions include sophisticated analytics feature which analyzes & reports on content consumption by therapeutic category or medical specialty. This feature is used by publishers to guide editorial directions, provide management reports or to provide prospective advertisers credible 3rd party metrics.

Popular with most Web publishers seeking to understand user behavior.