We know health sites are an ideal place to reach women about all sorts of topics. From healthy eating and fitness to wellness and beauty products, the women’s demographic congregates on wellness sites. Health sites in particular have proven to be an ideal marketing channel for several fundamental reasons. As opposed to news sites, political sites, celebrity sites, social media sites etcetera, Health sites are quiet places for women to be self-reflective and to make deeply personal choices. In addition, most marketers understand that women make up 85% of household purchase decisions and are well aware of women’s formidable influence on all things commerce.

When women like a product they’re more than twice as likely as males to share the product on social media. For all these reasons marketers have long since used native and content recommendation style ads to reach this demographic. Tap Native ads are laser focused in this regard because they are integrated directly into the webpages of thousands of popular health, wellness and women’s websites. We’ve proven time and again that this channel creates an ideal medium to reach women in a credible, less noisy, contextually relevant environment using in-content ad placements. Performance marketers understand these specific characteristics create the holy grail for generating high engagements with low CPAs at scale. Here’s an example of a Tap Native content style ad unit featured below the articles on Everydayhealth.com.

Tap Native Content Style Ad Unit

Tap Native ads can be contextually targeted so hair focused offers can appear in content about hair and weight loss offers can appear in content around diets and weight loss. Having a wide range of diverse content is where health sites excel. Much of the traffic to these websites comes directly from search engine results pages so the audience is far more likely to be in-market and brings their super high intent with their visit. Health and wellness sites are also ideal at catering to a wide range of women’s topics that include the full array of beauty topics like hair, skincare, nutrition and fitness. Health sites are clearly ideal at reaching a women’s demographic while they’re seeking answers to personal health topics like fertility, pregnancy, childcare and contraception. Tap Native’s Drug and Condition Match Targeting System provides advertisers a unique health and wellness focused targeting dashboard which allows them to zero in on keywords which can place their offer inside specific and relevant content.

Tap Native’s content marketing platform is ideally suited for women’s health, wellness and beauty marketing. It’s designed to reach the right user, at the right time and inside the content where the signal to noise ratio is far more favorable. You’re 3 minutes from having your ad live. If we can help, let us know.